Hm, my sysupgrade borked the network connectivity on the server. I'm sure that's my fault because I most certainly did something stupidβ„’. I didn't really investigated so far. But, maybe I just overlooked this "do this steps to get the network back after the upgrade", which are written somewhere?

btw there's reliable information that funds from #zapatista coffee like those from actually do reach the EZLN and are helpful and their main way of financing stuff they can't produce from the State/capitalist world.

So let's continue to be grateful to the #ezln for breaking the Zizek curse and giving us a legitimately good excuse to feel leftist when buying a pleasure drug :flag_zapatistas: β˜•

Recently, there has been a huge wave of #FakeNews and harassment on the Fediverse targeting #Mastodon and its inventor as well as the #EU and some of their projects, for example @Eunomia. #Eunomia is an initiative coordinated by the Greenwich Uni and supported by the EU Commission that plans an opt-in app letting users of social media recognize fake news more easily.

When sharing stuff on social media, please verify the information by checking sources given or doing a quick internet search.

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