The protests in Hong Kong often use mesh apps for their communication, like .

Sorry, article in German. Crucial sentence:

"For communication and coordination, after negative experiences with Telegram and Line, so-called Mesh-Apps like Firechat or Briar are used, which operate without W-Lan and telephone network."

Unfortunately the project just ran out of money. So if you have something to spare, go for it.

Often considerations about hate speech are based on old results. They are then either outdated, or urgently need newer research. Conspiracy theories are often a stylistic device of, let's say "unpleasant people". Here the work of Richard Hofstadter (the social darwinism guy) is almost always quoted, which is from 1966.
Therefore, I extraordinarily welcome the willingness to approach the topic anew, and to find new means against it.

The Debian Release team and FTP team are brewing coffee ready for today's release of buster! #releasingDebianBuster

I don't like it when someone else determines what I can see on the net. Therefore and because this article convinced me, I now move on my own instance. ->

Single user instance.