Hm, my sysupgrade borked the network connectivity on the server. I'm sure that's my fault because I most certainly did something stupid™. I didn't really investigated so far. But, maybe I just overlooked this "do this steps to get the network back after the upgrade", which are written somewhere?

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@khaos the dhcp service changed from dhclient to dhcpleased

Someone had an issue with this on carp devices, if this may help you there is a patch on mailing list for that

@solene I suspected the error there. But even during a fresh install, it didn't wanted to work, which made me a bit suspicious if the VM of my hoster is "special". Anyway, I decided to get a bit wild and try FreeBSD once more. Was on my list anyway.

@solene Man who tries to fire up broken ipv6 stuff during install ... is stupid man. Solved 😀

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