@pfm You set the border. Photo editing was and will be part of the photographic progress. Since the first camera obscura, or what ever came first and needed the pictures somehow developed.

@solene Man who tries to fire up broken ipv6 stuff during install ... is stupid man. Solved 😀

@solene I suspected the error there. But even during a fresh install, it didn't wanted to work, which made me a bit suspicious if the VM of my hoster is "special". Anyway, I decided to get a bit wild and try FreeBSD once more. Was on my list anyway.

Hm, my sysupgrade borked the network connectivity on the server. I'm sure that's my fault because I most certainly did something stupid™. I didn't really investigated so far. But, maybe I just overlooked this "do this steps to get the network back after the upgrade", which are written somewhere?

@SebastianGallehr Google Pixel 4a. Klingt evtl. seltsam, aber die Pixel Phones sind am besten ohne Google Dienste zu betreiben. Siehe: grapheneos.org/faq#device-supp

@nemo @zem Seems this is actually the place where my "giant" story comes from.

@zem @nemo I'm trying to verify my memory with wikipedia, but I'm a bit lost on the history. It's complicated... 😀

@zem @nemo I think they hold the record for the longest city name. If my memory doesn't fail on me it's about some giant coming form a hill.

@ramona And only their "Libertad" roast was so far capable in helping me survive my night shifts. Win-win.

btw there's reliable information that funds from #zapatista coffee like those from cafe-libertad.de actually do reach the EZLN and are helpful and their main way of financing stuff they can't produce from the State/capitalist world.

So let's continue to be grateful to the #ezln for breaking the Zizek curse and giving us a legitimately good excuse to feel leftist when buying a pleasure drug :flag_zapatistas:

@psychonaut Und vor mir hat sich der Diskussionsthread versteckt 🙂 Anyway, hiermit geklärt. Sehr gut.

@psychonaut Hier in Sachsen sind Tests bis 12 Jahre weiterhin kostenlos. Ich weiß jetzt nicht welches Bundesland bei dir da den "Hut" auf hat. Fände ich aber in der Tat ebenfalls recht daneben wenn die das nicht hätten.

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