@utzer Hm, ich starte die eigentlich nur neu wenn ein neues OS release da ist. Läuft problemlos.

And never equate the artist with the artwork. Just for (my) safety...

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@mntmn Just showed off a bit that someone there is building an absolutely free notebook, and even published the list of parts he buys. Amazing 🙂

@and Sauerei, die Penner verbrennen meinen Kaffee. Den gibt es übrigens hier: cafe-libertad.de/

@Rural_Canadian You can get also a very good macro lens by scraping the collimator lens of an old DVD drive (CD won't work).

@mntmn Of course I'm sure that it's used for something where it's needed, but the hammer scares me a little 😅

As I wait (impatiently) for my , I have set my Pixel4XL to . Running it for almost 2 weeks now, without any drawbacks. I haven't used the g$$gle play store as a main source anyways, so I didn't had to sacrifice anything.

@kuketzblog Aurora Store to the rescue :)
Ich hab der App den Netzwerk Zugriff weg genommen, da hat es sich auch mit der Werbung. Thanks for the tip!

@Billie Das war vorher Stock Android. Das war vollgestopft mit Google Dingsi.

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