I just invented the term "necroboost" for myself (don't know if that's a unique "idea"). But boosting old toots which where all around the block for days really gets on my nerves....

* Mail Stack + Nextcloud -> mailinabox on Ubuntu LTS
* Matrix Server -> Yunohost
* Mastodon -> Ubuntu LTS set up with my bare hands :)
* Gemini Capsule -> OpenBSD (my playbox)

All running on netcup VPS.

So, my question to the fediverse:
I run the standard server and would love to have something more "light", since it stresses my server a lot.
I mainly post pictures and thought about . Does anyone has experience here if there's a difference (or if that might make things even worse)?

@schmittlauch @rugk Sachsen hält ne Menge Spikevax auf Halde, wird wohl darauf hinaus laufen da hier die Lieferungen die nächsten Wochen auch stark anziehen werden. Haben sie mir auch gedrückt.

Every time I read about some service going down because of lack of time/money/whatever, I pad myself on the shoulder for hosting everything myself. Which I can recommend to everybody. It's easy. Hey, even I managed to do it.

Thanks @yunohost

Leute, ich weiß, es ist Sommer & gibt grad 1000 geilere Orte zum Abhängen als Wartezimmer oder Impfzentren. Aber wer deshalb das 2. Impf-Date platzen lassen will, sollte mal kurz an all die Leute denken, die grad für so ne Chance alles tun würden. Privilegien & so. Merci. 🙏

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@rysiek @nooe @yunohost I can add to that. I'm running this setup now for almost, phew, 2+ years. Several (more or less big) updates later still no problems. Don't know how it performs with more users, but for just one (me....), it's totally ok.

I didn't use all what @fairtecEU has to offer, since I already have a phone, so there's no need to add more electronic waste 🙂 (plus: my level of nerdiness let me go for instead of @e_mydata). But my @wetell contract is already ordered.

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