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As I wait (impatiently) for my , I have set my Pixel4XL to . Running it for almost 2 weeks now, without any drawbacks. I haven't used the g$$gle play store as a main source anyways, so I didn't had to sacrifice anything.

Tomorrow (14 August) there will be a meeting in #Dresden in solidarity with Uprising in #Belarus. We are meeting in #Alaunpark at 17:00. If you are from the city you have to pass this information further on!


Solidarity action with the uprising against the Lukashenko regime - 14 August 5 pm Alaunpark in #Dresden
#Belarus #BelarusSolidarity


Ich wünschte, Angela Merkel würde bei mir in der U-Bahn mal ein Machtwort sprechen. 🥰


#EUSummit Merkel gives instructions to #Bulgaria’s PM Borisov on how to wear a mask. #covid19


Und welcher Spezies gehört ihr an? Jeder bitte nur eine Antwort!

Got an update on my phone yesterday (and I got it only because it's a Pixel). Reminded me that this is so unusual that it is often sold as news. Can't wait for my . Where updates happen, cause updates happen.

Just a tip for lazy people (like me). Easy to set up mail server using scripts ->

Next iteration will (hopefully) implement CardDAV, webmail is also on the roadmap. That'll be the day when I ditch my mailinabox server :).

Just pimped my mail server with pf-badhost.

Attackers in authlog and maillog now = zer0

In DE protestiert man, weil man denkt, in DE herrsche eine Diktatur o. die Verordnung für Masken sei ein Maulkorb.

In den USA wird protestiert, weil man dort einfach so getötet werden kann, weil man eine andere Hautfarbe hat.

Also frag uns nochmal "Und was ist mit DE???"

Best statement for anything Corona today:
"Nope, I don't like mexican beer."

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