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Werbung für Impfungen ist so sinnvoll wie Werbung für Playstation 5 meine Meinung

Regarding the actual ban of the App from g$$gle. Just note that they just decided to allow real money gambling apps. What a nice coincidence. This company is rotten to the core. If anybody still had doubts.

Finally decided to order my PC Engines APU box. This lockdown demands toys.

And again I mentally pat myself on the back for the idea of running my own Mastodon server, with myself as the only user. May be a little more tinkering (but I like tinkering), but I don't have to worry about people I don't want to be there.

And never equate the artist with the artwork. Just for (my) safety...

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As I wait (impatiently) for my , I have set my Pixel4XL to . Running it for almost 2 weeks now, without any drawbacks. I haven't used the g$$gle play store as a main source anyways, so I didn't had to sacrifice anything.

Tomorrow (14 August) there will be a meeting in #Dresden in solidarity with Uprising in #Belarus. We are meeting in #Alaunpark at 17:00. If you are from the city you have to pass this information further on!


Solidarity action with the uprising against the Lukashenko regime - 14 August 5 pm Alaunpark in #Dresden
#Belarus #BelarusSolidarity


Ich wünschte, Angela Merkel würde bei mir in der U-Bahn mal ein Machtwort sprechen. 🥰


#EUSummit Merkel gives instructions to #Bulgaria’s PM Borisov on how to wear a mask. #covid19


Und welcher Spezies gehört ihr an? Jeder bitte nur eine Antwort!

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