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I didn't use all what @fairtecEU has to offer, since I already have a phone, so there's no need to add more electronic waste πŸ™‚ (plus: my level of nerdiness let me go for instead of @e_mydata). But my @wetell contract is already ordered.

FairTEC is committed to creating a harmonious digital ecosystem as well as pushing the boundaries of a #CircularEconomy and #DigitalSustainability.

Read our manifesto here ⬇️⬇️

@ The Phone Co-op

Ah, the little joys of life. Setting up an server. Fiddling a bit with config stuff, and then watching the bad guys going "baboosh" in the authlog....

For the record: People with an empty stream (maybe one lousy "Hi" toot) following me will go directly to my block list. Seems that's best practice for a lot of folks here...

Werbung fΓΌr Impfungen ist so sinnvoll wie Werbung fΓΌr Playstation 5 meine Meinung

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