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Recently, there has been a huge wave of #FakeNews and harassment on the Fediverse targeting #Mastodon and its inventor as well as the #EU and some of their projects, for example @Eunomia. #Eunomia is an initiative coordinated by the Greenwich Uni and supported by the EU Commission that plans an opt-in app letting users of social media recognize fake news more easily.

When sharing stuff on social media, please verify the information by checking sources given or doing a quick internet search.

I just invented the term "necroboost" for myself (don't know if that's a unique "idea"). But boosting old toots which where all around the block for days really gets on my nerves....

So, my question to the fediverse:
I run the standard server and would love to have something more "light", since it stresses my server a lot.
I mainly post pictures and thought about . Does anyone has experience here if there's a difference (or if that might make things even worse)?

Every time I read about some service going down because of lack of time/money/whatever, I pad myself on the shoulder for hosting everything myself. Which I can recommend to everybody. It's easy. Hey, even I managed to do it.

Thanks @yunohost

Leute, ich weiß, es ist Sommer & gibt grad 1000 geilere Orte zum Abhängen als Wartezimmer oder Impfzentren. Aber wer deshalb das 2. Impf-Date platzen lassen will, sollte mal kurz an all die Leute denken, die grad für so ne Chance alles tun würden. Privilegien & so. Merci. 🙏

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I didn't use all what @fairtecEU has to offer, since I already have a phone, so there's no need to add more electronic waste 🙂 (plus: my level of nerdiness let me go for instead of @e_mydata). But my @wetell contract is already ordered.

FairTEC is committed to creating a harmonious digital ecosystem as well as pushing the boundaries of a #CircularEconomy and #DigitalSustainability.

Read our manifesto here ⬇️⬇️

@ The Phone Co-op

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